This Fabulous Look – for Less

A look from Christian Dior’s Resort 2012 collection.

This is just fabulous. It’s a great look for any girl planning on going out for the night in the summer, or to a fabulous summer wedding. The dress is versatile too; throw a fur coat on in the winter and you’re set.

But, alas, I cannot afford one bracelet from a Dior collection, let along a whole outfit. So let’s see if we can find an affordable (and fabulous) alternative . . .

First off, the dress. While I couldn’t find an affordable one shoulder, I found two great, maxi length white dresses at, that hug your curves in all the right places. My favorite ($58-good price for a great dress):

Now, onto those shoes. I found these easy sandals for $22.50, and (for shorter girls like me), some great strappy heels for $35.50!

And, finally, the accessories. That clutch (they are all the rage right now) is fabulous. I believe that every girl should have at least one crazy clutch that embodies her perfectly (even if you have no idea what to pair it with). Unfortunately, though, bags (especially detailed clutches) can get pretty pricey. I found a neon pink one for $20.90.

A faux leather, color-blocked one for $17.95.

And finally, I encourage you to stray from the beaten path of this fabulous Dior outfit. The dress is white – this is open territory for you to go onto or and pick out the craziest, most fabulous clutch you can find. Here is a great deal I found – a floral clutch on sale for $13.99 (from $45!). I prefer the blue.

And there were far crazier ones out there that I adored.

Now my bigger dilemma is how to find the clear bangles shown here. Normally I borderline detest anything clear or plastic-like, but this is actually chic. It pulls together the modern aesthetic of the look. But, as I said with the clutch, you should experiment and pick crazy bangles that you like. While I couldn’t find anything clear, I did find this on sale for $10.17:

And this is my favorite little fabulous mess of bangles, on sale for $14.98:

Oh, and for her fabulous makeup look: Revlon lipstick, $5 at

And voila, you’re fabulous!