Dolce & Gabbana

Now, the fabulous D&G collection for 2012 is definitely nowhere near my budget, but hey, a girl still has to dream. I find this collection delightfully inspiring and happy-inducing. When I first saw this ad in my Harper’s Bazaar months ago, I immediately had to stop and examine it. It’s just so . . . fabulous. Whoever thought vegetable prints could be chic? And I know some of you may be thinking, Who the hell would wear something with red peppers all over it? (I know Joan Rivers thinks this.) But hey, I’ll wear red peppers everyday if they look this fabulous.

D&G ad in Harper’s Bazaar

D&G Fashion Show, 2012.

Now, there may not be equally as fabulous vegetable prints out there for us masses to enjoy and consume (excuse the pun), but there are some great bold prints at budget-friendly stores near you.

H&M dress, $34.95

H&M swimsuit, $24.95

Forever 21 dress, $22.80

Forever 21 heels, $26.80

So go out and grab a great, bold print! There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to a good print. Don’t be afraid to be fabulous!


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