My Fabulous Five for Fashion Cravings

There are so many things out there to digest and take in when it comes to fashion – blogs, magazines, email newsletters, websites. So I decided to try to narrow it down to my fabulous five, that you might find helpful.

1) Harper’s Bazaar magazine & website.

I will always be a Harper’s girl. I used to get Vogue, but for whatever reason, I just like Harper’s more. It’s a completely fabulous mag filled to the brim with great inspiration and great articles on fabulous people. Just read through the latest edition and you’ll instantly know all the current trends. 

My favorite part: The schedule run-down they have from different designers each month. It’s so interesting to see what the creators of fashion actually do everyday. 

2) The Rachel Zoe Newsletter.

So I only recently signed up for this, but I do love Rachel Zoe, and her daily email newsletter does not disappointment. You can choose to get one about accessories, beauty, and fashion, or all three! This is even budget-friendly – while it does feature high-priced, fabulous brands, there is always a “parallel universe” selection that is priced just right for any fabulous girl’s wallet. 

3) White Girl Problems – blog and newsletter. and Twitter. 

Okay, so this is sorta just for laughs. But every fabulous girl needs a fabulous laugh once in a while, doesn’t she? If you’re in need of some weekly comic relief, this is the most fabulous way to go.

4) My Style Pill.

This is a really great fashion blog. I love looking at her fabulous outfits and getting ideas of how to work the newest trends. Bonus – she wears a mix of high and low fashion! 

5) Shopping.

The good ole’ do-it-yourself-way. I get a lot of my ideas and a lot of my inspiration from just online shopping and walking around the mall. After a while, you can even guess what the trends are without even opening a fashion mag. The best part – you choose what stores/websites you look at, so you can choose ones you know you can afford. Then, you can actually get your fabulous finds. 🙂


So there you have it, my fabulous five. But the most important thing to remember when searching for the perfect outfit for the season – don’t be afraid to be fabulous!

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