To Buy or not to Buy?

When faced with a new trend, this is the question every fabulous poor girl is faced with. You must weigh your options carefully. To construct the perfect, affordable closet, you have to buy pieces that can last you years and be reinvented again and again.

One trend you might question is the clutch trend. Oversized or envelope clutches are very fabulous right now, but how much should you invest in them?

You have to look at their functionality. Fashion is amazing because it is both functional and artistic. Do clutches work for your lifestyle? Would you ever actually use it or take it out? They aren’t a necessary bag, like a regular shoulder or cross-body, but they are cute, and great for a night out. Their smaller size and usual lack of handles makes them less functional than their sister bags, though.

So, opt for investing in just one or two (maybe one day, one evening) to spruce up your wardrobe. Pick colors that could work with a lot in your wardrobe, and maybe try to find one with an optional handle.

Overall, this isn’t a trend you want to shell out big bucks for. But it is one that could update your wardrobe and help make you feel fabulous.

Aldo clutch Solas. $17.49.

Asos clutch. $29.83




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