London Time

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you all know that the 2012 Olympics are well underway in London. Here are some fabulous fashion ideas to celebrate the sporty-chic wave of trends that were catapulted by this worldwide celebration. Enjoy!

Outfit created using H&M’s virtual dressing room. Total: $91.

The Classic Sporty Jacket:

The Tennis Skirt:

Sporty Tops:

The Sporty Dress:


The secrets to Olympic-inspired style are primary colors, metallics, and tight-fitting clothing reminiscent of activewear (not necessarily activewear itself). So shop your closets with these key themes in mind, and you’ll be winning gold for your fabulous style!










This Fabulous Look – for Less!

So we all know that Emma Stone killed it while touring around to premiere the new “Spiderman” movie. Pretty much every single outfit was fabulous, and I consider her to be one of the most stylish celebs of our time (and she’s classy, too). So here’s one of my favorite looks from her tour, and your way to get a similarly fabulous look, for less.

Emma Stone at the New York premiere.

This look would be great for the beginning of the chilly weather of fall. The leather top, white jeans, and pop-of-color, pointy heels are perfectly on point with today’s trends in fashion.

The leather top:

A hard find for a tight budget. But here are two fabulous options that won’t break the bank.

Shop your closets, too! If you already have a black leather jacket, just layer it over a simple black tee, and you’ll have the same effect.

The white jeans:

One of my favorite staples, these are great to have in your closet because they give an instant chic update to any otherwise drab outfit.

The shoes:

I cannot properly put into words how much I love these fabulous heels. The are so many current trends all in one – pointy, color blocked, and sans platform. They are the perfect pop of color that you’ll wear again and again . . . and again, and again.

Unfortunately, finding a color blocked shoe that isn’t designer is a tad hard. But here are some pop-of-color alternatives that will look perfectly fabulous. (PS- I know that Forever21 has some cute color blocked and cotton candy-colored heels, but I couldn’t find them on the website!)

And finally, the pretty little drop earrings:

Voila, there’s Emma Stone’s look! Hopefully this will help you start your fall wardrobe the right way. And remember, don’t be afraid to be fabulous!









Fabulous Fall Predictions

Last season’s fall clothing going on sale, pre-fall fashion shows, and fall previews online can only mean one thing: the next season is around the corner, coming fast. Here are some trend predictions of mine and where to find them (at an affordable price) so that you can fully prepare for this fabulous season.

Houndstooth prints.

On the runways:

Salvatore Ferragamo, classy and sassy.

This classic print is back. Personally, I love it because it adds some extra pizzaz to an otherwise simple black and white look. Mix it up with colored houndstooth prints or off-center ones to modernize this glamorous look.

For your closets:

Fluffy and fearless.

On the runways:

Alexander McQueen, fall 2012. The big red dress is also on an upcoming cover for Harper’s Bazaar.

At first glance, you’d probably think that this idea is so un-fabulous. But really, I think it’s great. What better way to brace yourself for the upcoming cold months and get into the winter mindset than by wearing fun, fluffy, cuddly clothes? Now, you don’t have to be so over-the-top, obviously (think of runways as real life fashion, exaggerated about 100 times over). And please, do NOT be afraid of a belt. A little cinching could do wonders to make this trend work for you. (Bonus – these items will seamlessly translate to your winter wardrobe.)

For your closets:

This trend is particularly hard to shop for – so go out and browse for fluffy, voluminous, fun clothes and accessories. This will probably translate to a more tame faux fur kind of trend off the runways, so here are a few finds to get you started.


On the runways:

Dolce & Gabbana, fall 2012.

Just in time for the leaves to start changing to similar and complementary hues, gold is making a comeback. This is an epidemic of fabulous for me and many other brunettes with dark eyes who just look better with some nice, shiny gold to play up our natural coloring. Enjoy it while you can.

For your closets:


On the runway:

Versace, fall 2012.

The fabulous, dark, and glamorous look of leather is set to be huge trend for the upcoming fall season. Pair it with black staple items for a sophisticated, vamp-chic look or add-on some gold and bright accents for a more cheery effect.

These are just a few of the trends I predict we’ll see in our favorite stores as fall approaches. So get a head start and grab some now! It’s sure to be a fabulous fall – so don’t be afraid to be fabulous!

Current Fabulous Obsessions

Now that I’ve ranted about what I’m really hating on lately, I decided it would be best to look at the glass half full. Here are a few trends that I’m currently loving on for summer.


Preferably in natural tan colors, these are my new favorite go-to shoes. They’re sexy without being over the top like stilettos, they’re easy breezy for summer, and they can be dressed up or down with ease. I love them in tan colors with cork – perfect for summer getaways.


Love, love, love this! It’s such a fabulous and flirty trend. It creates an instant hourglass shape and is a perfect update for any wardrobe. Bonus: It’s always chic-looking, even if it’s not a #1 trend like it is now.


Lace adds effortless sophistication and ladylike vibes to any outfit. Wear it for fun with bright neon underneath, for evening as a black lace dress, or wear it however the heck you want. Another timeless classic, this fabulous piece is trendy AND will last in your closet for years to come.


This is sort of a do-it-yourselfer, as you can take colorful pieces you already own and put them together. But here’s an example I made up using’s dressing room feature., Total: $75

I find this trend to be fashion-made-easy. Grab some colors that go together (think a couple bright neons or a few primaries) and you have an easy, chic outfit. Or wear a plain black or white dress and color block your accessories to inject some fun into your ensemble!


There’s been a resurgence of denim recently that I’m loving. Brightly colored jeans, cute denim dresses, fabulous denim button downs – you name it, it’s out there. Embrace the denim, but remember not to overdo it. No one wants to be caught in a Canadian tuxedo.


What are some of your fabulous obsessions right now?

Five Biggest Fashion Pet Peeves (for now)

I like to keep myself surrounded by fabulous. And, for the most part, fashion is all very fabulous. But occasionally a little trend or moment will come along that just baffles me. These are my top five least favorite things in fashion.

Number 1:

Awkward dress lengths.

So this trend came along – “the new length”. And I examined it. The models pulled it off at a fabulous level, which is no surprise. And the skinnier, fashionable socialites got it right too. But I don’t think this trend could ever translate properly to us laypeople of the real world. I know for me, at 5’2″, it would be almost impossible to pull this look off. It would take sky-high heels and just the right top, and even then – it probably wouldn’t end well. So whenever I see a ridiculously cute dress just to discover it is this new, odd, midi length, I just get . . . frustrated. So, for all the short girls out there, I feel your pain. This will never be the new length for us.

Number 2:

Human Boxes.

I’m all for menswear chic, for switching up shapes, for innovation. But when your innovation leaves a girl looking either like a lumpy box or a flat piece of wall, it is not fabulous. Now this trend, when done right, can be pretty good-looking. But if the wrong person is paired with the wrong piece, it’s a disaster. It’s just too easy to mess up to be the new classic. I’m all for using fashion to play up curves (to the extreme, if possible). Clothes can make anyone look good, really anyone. So give me some Alexander McQueen, some belts, some clothes with defined waistlines; save the boxes to hold my shoes.

Number 3:

All that Glitters Doesn’t Make for Gold.

Glitter and sparkles are fabulous. In moderation. You can pull off piles of glitter, but it’s a hard feat. And I love a little bit of obnoxious, but not in the way of obscenely glittered dresses and clothes. All’s good in moderation, after all. A little sparkle goes a long way, so shake a little dust off before you hit the town (you don’t wanna hurt people’s eyes, after all).

Number 4:

These Shoes.

No. Just no. I know it’s a huge trend in fashion now for men and women, but I just can’t stand these platform-flat-heel-things. It must just be my personal aesthetic, but I just detest these monstrosities. It creates a hard line and doesn’t slim or anything . . . it just adds height, like a stepping stool. Why do you want a stepping stool on your feet? I’ll be happy when they’re old news. They’ll be old news eventually, right? Please?

Number 5:

The saying: less is more. And the practice of: take one thing off before you leave.

This is my little bit of rebellion. More is more and less is less. Period. With some finesse and fashion wisdom, you can pull off whatever the hell you want, regardless of how much “more” it is. And why take one thing off before you leave? I say, put one more thing on! As long as you craft your outfit carefully and don’t just throw crap together, then do whatever it is your little heart desires. Don’t listen to these old mantras. Listen to your own style sense, your closet, and your inspiration.

And don’t be afraid to be fabulous!

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

While browsing the many best dressed lists for inspiration and to torture myself, I often am left with a sour taste in my mouth at the sight of some “best dressed” that could have looked completely fabulous . . . with some tweaking. So here are a few that didn’t make my best dressed of the best dressed, why they didn’t make it, and how they so easily could have.

1) Denise Richards. I love a good comeback, and this dress is so great. She looks ready for summer – tan, lighter locks, white dress. And then, you look down some more. And she gets cut off – completely. Those shoes do no favors for her, and I just hate the way that they abruptly cut off her leg. I love everything strappy, but these just don’t look good. This look would have been perfect with a peep-toe pump in a bright, resort-esque color, or a great wedge (without an ankle strap). I so wanted to put her in my best dressed, but the ridiculous, strappy, unflattering purple shoes killed it for me.

Denise Richards at a photo shoot.

2) Giada de Laurentiis. Don’t get me wrong, she looks great, especially for someone who’s supposed to be around food all day, but the print’s just too . . . old. The colors are too toned-down to go with her bubbly personality and pretty face. The big problem is that the print goes from the top . . . all the way to the floor. I think it’s too heavy as is, especially with her small frame. Just cut this dress off at her knees, add some strappy sandals or big wedges, and you’d be set.

Giada de Laurentiis.

3) Elizabeth Banks. Okay, she looks super cute and fabulous in this. But there’s just something about this look that kept her out of my best dressed . . . It’s the color choices. And the odd collar necklace. The dress is perfect – don’t change that at all. But the necklace just doesn’t look completely right. Maybe a brighter color? Or a more jeweled, less collared look? Some big, bright baubles that could sparkle in the light and not create a school-girl effect. And the shoes (which are fabulous) are just not the right color. Sometimes two colors in the same family just don’t mix-and-match. This is one of those times. The shoe itself just doesn’t match the feel of the dress either. Maybe a big, chunky white wedge, or bright yellow sandals, or a light pink patent pump – but not these.

Elizabeth Banks in Alexander McQueen.

4) Lily Donaldson. She looks great and glamorous. But this is at a party, and she’s so young and pretty. Why not go for something bold and bright? Something playful? There’s been plenty of inspiration from the Resort 2012 collections – just look at the veggie prints at D&G! Or at least some sort of obnoxious accessory, or a bright pump, just to make it playful. This is a great dress, and the whole look is done well, but I just hate how serious it seems when this is summer. Embrace the season! Make it work for you! Play it up! Summer is the best time to experiment with obnoxious, fabulous fashion – don’t waste it!

Lily Donaldson in Nina Ricci.

5) Michelle Williams. I love a good edgy look. But this dress just doesn’t look . . . flattering. It’s a bit crumpled, and the length is awkward. Make it just above the knee, get rid of the slit, make it more tailored, and it’d be ultra-fabulous. Also, I hate the shoes with it. They’re just too casual to be with this dress. Make it sky-high black, studded stilettos, or a strappy black number, or maybe even a deep red, I don’t know. Just not white sandals.

Michelle Williams in Altuzarra.

All these lovelies certainly look good, and I wanted to include them in my best dressed, but something held me back. Just a little tweak here and there could have taken them from looking good to looking fabulous. I’m sure they’ll win me over in the future though!

The Best Dressed of the Best Dressed

I’ve scoured the internet to put together my best dressed of the best dressed lists. Hope you enjoy the fabulous inspiration!

1) Emma Stone in Gucci. A perfect example of how to glamorize the goth look, without overdoing it.

Emma Stone in Gucci

2) Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung. I love all white in the summer (so fabulous), and Steinfeld does this perfectly. Proof that you don’t need to be all glammed up and posing with a pout to look fabulous.

Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung.

3) Ashlee Simpson in Haute Hippie. While her makeup and earrings aren’t my fave, I love how she pulls off the multiple prints and bright colors. Such a fabulous way to look casual chic in the summer.

Ashlee Simpson in Haute Hippie.

4) Blake Lively in Michael Kors. I’m obsessed with great power suits. And what says ‘power’ more than a fabulous, bright red suit?

Blake Lively in Michael Kors.

5) Poppy Delevingne in Jonathan Saunders. Usually I’m not a big fan of this kind of look, but Delevingne pulls it off fabulously. The dress by itself is an awkward length, shape, and has odd ruffles, but on Delevingne, it’s just effortlessly glamorous.

Poppy Delevingne in Jonathan Saunders.

6) Bella Heathcote in Pucci. Another look that could have gone overly-goth, very quickly. But instead, it came out as vamp chic and is just fabulous.

Bella Heathcote in Pucci.

7) Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad. My absolutely favorite from all of the looks, this is just unbridled fabulous. The dress fits and flatters her perfectly, and the hair and makeup complete the look to perfection.

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad.

So take these ensembles, lovelies, and find some inspiration. And remember, don’t be afraid to be fabulous!