Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

While browsing the many best dressed lists for inspiration and to torture myself, I often am left with a sour taste in my mouth at the sight of some “best dressed” that could have looked completely fabulous . . . with some tweaking. So here are a few that didn’t make my best dressed of the best dressed, why they didn’t make it, and how they so easily could have.

1) Denise Richards. I love a good comeback, and this dress is so great. She looks ready for summer – tan, lighter locks, white dress. And then, you look down some more. And she gets cut off – completely. Those shoes do no favors for her, and I just hate the way that they abruptly cut off her leg. I love everything strappy, but these just don’t look good. This look would have been perfect with a peep-toe pump in a bright, resort-esque color, or a great wedge (without an ankle strap). I so wanted to put her in my best dressed, but the ridiculous, strappy, unflattering purple shoes killed it for me.

Denise Richards at a photo shoot.

2) Giada de Laurentiis. Don’t get me wrong, she looks great, especially for someone who’s supposed to be around food all day, but the print’s just too . . . old. The colors are too toned-down to go with her bubbly personality and pretty face. The big problem is that the print goes from the top . . . all the way to the floor. I think it’s too heavy as is, especially with her small frame. Just cut this dress off at her knees, add some strappy sandals or big wedges, and you’d be set.

Giada de Laurentiis.

3) Elizabeth Banks. Okay, she looks super cute and fabulous in this. But there’s just something about this look that kept her out of my best dressed . . . It’s the color choices. And the odd collar necklace. The dress is perfect – don’t change that at all. But the necklace just doesn’t look completely right. Maybe a brighter color? Or a more jeweled, less collared look? Some big, bright baubles that could sparkle in the light and not create a school-girl effect. And the shoes (which are fabulous) are just not the right color. Sometimes two colors in the same family just don’t mix-and-match. This is one of those times. The shoe itself just doesn’t match the feel of the dress either. Maybe a big, chunky white wedge, or bright yellow sandals, or a light pink patent pump – but not these.

Elizabeth Banks in Alexander McQueen.

4) Lily Donaldson. She looks great and glamorous. But this is at a party, and she’s so young and pretty. Why not go for something bold and bright? Something playful? There’s been plenty of inspiration from the Resort 2012 collections – just look at the veggie prints at D&G! Or at least some sort of obnoxious accessory, or a bright pump, just to make it playful. This is a great dress, and the whole look is done well, but I just hate how serious it seems when this is summer. Embrace the season! Make it work for you! Play it up! Summer is the best time to experiment with obnoxious, fabulous fashion – don’t waste it!

Lily Donaldson in Nina Ricci.

5) Michelle Williams. I love a good edgy look. But this dress just doesn’t look . . . flattering. It’s a bit crumpled, and the length is awkward. Make it just above the knee, get rid of the slit, make it more tailored, and it’d be ultra-fabulous. Also, I hate the shoes with it. They’re just too casual to be with this dress. Make it sky-high black, studded stilettos, or a strappy black number, or maybe even a deep red, I don’t know. Just not white sandals.

Michelle Williams in Altuzarra.

All these lovelies certainly look good, and I wanted to include them in my best dressed, but something held me back. Just a little tweak here and there could have taken them from looking good to looking fabulous. I’m sure they’ll win me over in the future though!

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