Five Biggest Fashion Pet Peeves (for now)

I like to keep myself surrounded by fabulous. And, for the most part, fashion is all very fabulous. But occasionally a little trend or moment will come along that just baffles me. These are my top five least favorite things in fashion.

Number 1:

Awkward dress lengths.

So this trend came along – “the new length”. And I examined it. The models pulled it off at a fabulous level, which is no surprise. And the skinnier, fashionable socialites got it right too. But I don’t think this trend could ever translate properly to us laypeople of the real world. I know for me, at 5’2″, it would be almost impossible to pull this look off. It would take sky-high heels and just the right top, and even then – it probably wouldn’t end well. So whenever I see a ridiculously cute dress just to discover it is this new, odd, midi length, I just get . . . frustrated. So, for all the short girls out there, I feel your pain. This will never be the new length for us.

Number 2:

Human Boxes.

I’m all for menswear chic, for switching up shapes, for innovation. But when your innovation leaves a girl looking either like a lumpy box or a flat piece of wall, it is not fabulous. Now this trend, when done right, can be pretty good-looking. But if the wrong person is paired with the wrong piece, it’s a disaster. It’s just too easy to mess up to be the new classic. I’m all for using fashion to play up curves (to the extreme, if possible). Clothes can make anyone look good, really anyone. So give me some Alexander McQueen, some belts, some clothes with defined waistlines; save the boxes to hold my shoes.

Number 3:

All that Glitters Doesn’t Make for Gold.

Glitter and sparkles are fabulous. In moderation. You can pull off piles of glitter, but it’s a hard feat. And I love a little bit of obnoxious, but not in the way of obscenely glittered dresses and clothes. All’s good in moderation, after all. A little sparkle goes a long way, so shake a little dust off before you hit the town (you don’t wanna hurt people’s eyes, after all).

Number 4:

These Shoes.

No. Just no. I know it’s a huge trend in fashion now for men and women, but I just can’t stand these platform-flat-heel-things. It must just be my personal aesthetic, but I just detest these monstrosities. It creates a hard line and doesn’t slim or anything . . . it just adds height, like a stepping stool. Why do you want a stepping stool on your feet? I’ll be happy when they’re old news. They’ll be old news eventually, right? Please?

Number 5:

The saying: less is more. And the practice of: take one thing off before you leave.

This is my little bit of rebellion. More is more and less is less. Period. With some finesse and fashion wisdom, you can pull off whatever the hell you want, regardless of how much “more” it is. And why take one thing off before you leave? I say, put one more thing on! As long as you craft your outfit carefully and don’t just throw crap together, then do whatever it is your little heart desires. Don’t listen to these old mantras. Listen to your own style sense, your closet, and your inspiration.

And don’t be afraid to be fabulous!

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