How do you wear your Brahmin?

How do you wear your Brahmin?

Color of the Moment: Wine Red

Red is the new black people – wine red, that is. This perfectly fabulous color is all over stores, and should be all over you too. The perfect color for fall that can transition into winter, this is one trend you should invest in. Here are a few fabulous finds for all of you:

Outfit styled at H&M, total: $86.


I have recently closed the book on my childhood, and am starting a new chapter: college. I cannot even begin to describe the mix of emotions within me – I want out of the house, I want to start a new life, I want to be in the city, but I also just want to lay at home in the safety of my own bed for the rest of my life. To put it mildly: growing up is hard.

And what makes it even harder is the packing. How am I possibly supposed to pick and choose from everything in my closet, and try desperately to fit it in a small dorm room?!

Well, I’ve come up with some ways to deal with that predicament. I think it’s even harder going to school in the Bronx – people don’t dress up for classes, so you need comfy clothes . . . but yet the city is right at your fingertips, and of course you need to dress to impress when you go out in it. So what’s a girl to do with limited space and more clothes than is healthy?

First off, if you’re going with a parent, and they’re willing, you can always bring some “maybe” clothes, and if there’s no room for them, send them home. Simple as that. I would make piles of basic clothing: t-shirts, long sleeves, plain sweaters, JEANS, leggings, some shorts for the hotter months, throw-on dresses. And definitely a cute assortment of comfy sneaks and flats – I know it’s painful to narrow down your shoe collection based on that horrible need for comfort, but you really do have to think rationally about this. Bring heels and cute things, but make sure you have something to walk to class in everyday.

Now, after you have all your dreadfully boring basics, here’s another tip. Bring storage containers. Bring pretty boxes, those cube seats that double as seats, and especially bring a hanging shoe holder. I didn’t have room in my closet for it, but I have the lofted bed – so I hung my shoes on the wires underneath the mattress. Feel free to use random things like that as storage – I also hang key chains, a cap, and my umbrella on those wires. So bring more storage than you might need/want, because you never know how something might come in handy.

And here comes the fun part: packing your fabulous clothes. I chose 5-10 statement pieces that I wanted to build around, and then I coordinated them to make outfits. Polka dot maxi skirt with loose fitting white blouse. High waisted lace shorts with cropped sweater. My favorite jeans or leggings with a blouse that has a detailed collar, or a red and black houndstooth, peplum shirt. Knee length faux leather skirt with a cowl neck, thin gray sweater.

But here is where it can get tricky – do you pack more for fall, or for summer? Sure, it’s going to be hot as hell when you get there . . . for a few weeks. Around mid-September, it’s sure to cool down. And then Thanksgiving’s still two months away. So, unless you plan to go home a lot, I would suggest layering pieces. My favorites right now are denim button-downs, striped cardigans, and of course, your school’s pullover sweatshirt.

Now, when it comes to accessories, this can be a tricky process. You may want to bring every unique piece of jewelry that you own, or every funky belt or scarf or hat. Instead, bring “essentials”. Pearls, gold, silver, neutral colors, go-with-anything pieces are what you will need. Bring maybe one or two scarves that can add some pop to your outfits (remember though, it’ll be very, very hot for the first bit of school). Bring watches, as they are a classic staple that will look effortlessly fabulous when heading to classes (and they’re functional – so no guilt!). Pick belts in neutral colors that can be added to any outfit for an instant update.

Keep all this in mind and you will be good to go in school. Week two for me already, and I’m very excited to play around with my wardrobe everyday. So while we can not bring everything, no matter how much we long to, we can still look fabulous everyday.