Hello everyone.

Today is known as #DonateTuesday to the American Liver Foundation, and I am posting this to raise awareness and maybe gain some help for the cause.

I ask this because I know how horrible liver diseases can be. Five years ago, my mother died because she had primary biliary cirrhosis, a rare autoimmune disease with seemingly no cause and no cure. Your body basically just starts attacking your liver for no particular reason. The only thing that can help is a liver transplant, and even then the patient will usually contract the disease once more in a few years.

And there are many other horrible diseases out there. I ask you to donate $1, $25, $100 – however much you can spare. I know I can’t spare much, but I’m still going to donate. Because watching a loved one die too early in life is something no one should have to go through, and dying from an incurable disease is something that we need to stop as a community.

Let’s join together and help fight whatever disease we want to fight on this #DonateTuesday. I know I am blessed, and so are you, so we should spare a little bit that could go a very long way in the end.

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