Be Fabulous for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve – a night that just screams glamour, suspense, and magic. It’s a night to play with style and beauty, to let out your inner vixen or beauty maven and just have fun. Here are a few ideas for make up for that night, the night of ultimate mystique.

The Pin-Up Look:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Channel old Hollywood glamour with a classic retro look. A trendy cat eye (use Audrey Hepburn as an inspiration) and bold red lip make this look a jaw dropper. Spritz on a classic scent so you’ll never be forgotten. Make your skin comparable to  porcelain and use a little blush to add a flirty vibe.

The Sultry Look:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Turn everyone’s head with a glam smokey eye (add some gold for a New Year’s feel) and soft pink lip. Use heavy mascara and a curler or false lashes to intensify the look. Finish with a few sweeps of bronzer to give you an exotic glow.

The Natural Look:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Keep it simple and let your natural beauty show with minimal liner, a swipe of mascara, and a hint of blush and pink lip gloss. Nude-colored nails are very on trend, just glitz them up a bit to show some holiday spirit.

The Dramatic Look:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to experiment, so go all out and try some trends. Rich, deep red lips are huge this season – add some gloss for the perfect shine! Magazines say the too-tan look is out, so use finishing powder and illuminator to keep your natural hue and glow. Make your eyes pop with gold flecks of eyeshadow all over the lid – you’re sure to steal the spotlight! Finish with a shiny gold nail to ring in the New Year right.

Whether you’ll be at a fabulous party, in an exciting city, or just entertaining friends at home, there are tons of beauty trends and old favorites to try out. Have a great New Year’s, and don’t be afraid to be fabulous!






Sales Sunday!

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Style-Me Saturday

A new weekly segment of my blog just for you! Send me all of your outfit dilemmas and I’ll try to answer them here for you! I’ll use Polyvore sets or H&M’s dressing room, or just search for pieces on the internet and post the pictures – whichever way you prefer. So send me your styling woes and I’ll try to come up with a solution, which I will email to you and then post for everyone else to look at for tips!

[Email me at madelineviolet429 [at] yahoo [dot] com]

And for this Saturday, here’s a little outfit idea to keep the winter blues away:

Styled with H&M dressing room.

Styled with H&M dressing room.

Pants, $13. Shirt, $15. Cardigan, $18. Bag, $40.

Fabulous Friday: The Crazy Jewelry Trend

Usually, the winter months are full of dark glamour and revisited classics. There’s always plenty of sparkle, velvet, leather, and fur to last the whole season. But a new trend this year that’s just popped is very refreshing. Fun, bright, and all-around cheerful jewelry is everywhere this season, popping up as punk style rolls back around and hipsters maintain their off-center culture. Here are a few examples of what I mean by “fun” jewelry:



All of these pieces are quirky and unexpected, and could brighten up any ordinary outfit or drab winter day. How to go about putting an eccentric accessory into an outfit may seem like daunting task, however, but don’t worry! Here’s one example:

JewelryTake the mustache ring – which is everywhere right now. I like this one because it’s made even more unique with the British flag as the filler. Pair it with a cool logo tee or tank and some bright jeans that go with the colors in the piece. Some studded boots and a daytime smokey eye are all you need to finish off this punk-chic look. Throw on a gray sweatshirt and black leather jacket for layering against the cold, or add a feminine touch with a heavy-knit black cardigan.

If you go for this trend, keep this in mind: let the statement jewelry be the statement in your outfit. If you want the piece to be the focal point, build an outfit around it. You can do a fun piece that’s more sweet than tough, and pair it with all classic pieces in complimentary colors. Or go for the punk or hipster look and experiment with layering and drawing attention to your happy jewels.

Whichever way you choose to style this trend, remember to have fun with it! People can take fashion so seriously that it loses all it’s fun – it’s not about what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s about your own aesthetic and what makes you happy. So go out and grab a mustache ring or a cat necklace, and don’t be afraid to be fabulous!


What-to-Wear for: A Blizzard

By now, most of us have heard of the impending blizzard of doom about to come through the northeast. This winter has proven to be again unpredictable and highly bipolar. It snowed back in October, stopped, and is now popping up in places like Texas and hitting the east coast hard. With 6-10 inches predicted, whatever shall we wear? Here’s one outfit idea to help you stay cute even in the worst of storms.

Styled on

Styled on

A big chunky knit ($49) with leggings is just what you need to fight off the freezing cold. It doesn’t hurt that this one’s chic-ly studded, either. For maximum style and practicality, throw on your thickest socks and tough riding boots ($45). This looks more polished than Uggs, won’t get soaked in melting snow (if you use water-resistance spray), and can still insulate with the proper socks. Throw on some cute, black and gold jewelry with a punk-y vibe, a scarf with a print ($26), and a backpack ($49) grunge enough to fight the weather, and you’ll be comfy in style. If you must venture out-of-doors, a classic black pea coat is always a do.

Stay warm, be safe, and don’t be afraid to be fabulous, even if a storm hits!


Let’s Get Serious

When thinking about what we want to do with our lives, I think we tend to create a dream that fits reality. By this I mean that we tell ourselves, ‘oh, that job will be fun AND pay the bills!’ when, twenty years down the line, it’s really no fun and just paying the bills.

So why don’t we try to make a reality to fit our dreams? Because it’s harder, scarier, and completely unsure.

My dream is fashion. Anything involving it. Writing for Harper’s Bazaar, designing for Alexander McQueen, styling movie stars, or heading my own brand – I’d love to do it all. If I had any choice in the matter, my life would be consumed by it. And for the most part, it is. For Christmas I got my first high-fashion, overpriced book that most would think is a ridiculous item to cherish as much as I do. But I love all things McQueen and reading how he was as a person and a designer, and seeing all of the behind-the-scenes beautiful, horrible truth.

So I’m going to get serious. I’m going to break the blog up into segments, with different kinds of posts on different days, and hopefully post more often. There’s a tumblr attached to the blog for inspirational, crazy fashion photos, and I’m going to make a twitter and maybe even a Facebook for it, now that I have my handy-dandy iPhone. I’m going to brand myself and try to put out the best possible product that I can.

Whether or not my dreams in fashion come true, I’ll always have my passion for it, and this blog has proven to be a wonderful outlet. Thanks to everyone following now, I hope you enjoy!