What-to-Wear for: A Blizzard

By now, most of us have heard of the impending blizzard of doom about to come through the northeast. This winter has proven to be again unpredictable and highly bipolar. It snowed back in October, stopped, and is now popping up in places like Texas and hitting the east coast hard. With 6-10 inches predicted, whatever shall we wear? Here’s one outfit idea to help you stay cute even in the worst of storms.

Styled on polyvore.com

Styled on polyvore.com

A big chunky knit ($49) with leggings is just what you need to fight off the freezing cold. It doesn’t hurt that this one’s chic-ly studded, either. For maximum style and practicality, throw on your thickest socks and tough riding boots ($45). This looks more polished than Uggs, won’t get soaked in melting snow (if you use water-resistance spray), and can still insulate with the proper socks. Throw on some cute, black and gold jewelry with a punk-y vibe, a scarf with a print ($26), and a backpack ($49) grunge enough to fight the weather, and you’ll be comfy in style. If you must venture out-of-doors, a classic black pea coat is always a do.

Stay warm, be safe, and don’t be afraid to be fabulous, even if a storm hits!



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