This Fabulous Look – for Less!

New year, new trends. Spring 2013 is already happening in the fashion world, and there are a few trends spilling forth that could start working now during the colder months. One of my favorites is a classic definitely worth investing in: stripes. This may seem too simple to be glamorous, but pairing stripes with stripes is a daring move that can instantly make your outfit feel more chic.

Michael Kors, Spring 2013.

Michael Kors, Spring 2013.

This is one of my favorite looks with stripes. I love that it reminds me of when Carrie Bradshaw went to Paris, and I love how effortlessly cool it is.

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

The key to mixing stripes with stripes is to keep all the colors the same and to use pieces with stripes going in opposite directions. Also, the belt is a great addition to help create a break in the pattern play and stop it from becoming too overwhelming. Keep accessories simple and minimal, with classic black pumps and little earrings, like cute pearls or a fun black and white pair. For the cold, add a black beret, pea coat, and tights. Have fun with new patterns and trends and you’re sure to step into the new year looking and feeling fabulous!



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