Fabulous Friday: Check Mate

Slapping an oversized checkboard print on a shift dress with no waist sounds like a recipe for pure fashion disaster – but Louis Vuitton proved that theory wrong with his new collection.

Jessica Alba in Louis Vuitton.

Jessica Alba in Louis Vuitton.

On paper, it really shouldn’t work. But it just so, so, so does. This is completely chic and I’d bet money it will become a new classic. So, I’m just sitting here, desperately waiting for H&M or anywhere with clothes under $100 to adapt this look so that I can play with it. Maybe I’ll just have to wait until I’m rich and famous.

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Here are the very few looks that go along with Vuitton’s genius design. The bustier top paired with the long skirt to create the same effect as the dress? Risky, but it might work. A big, black belt is probably necessary though (it would have a waist and wouldn’t fall like the Vuitton dress anyways, so a necessary sacrifice).

Shoes: $50, solestruck.com

Skirts: both from asos.com (Pencil: $32, Mini: $25)

Pants: $32, asos.com

Top: $28, gojane.com


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