What-to-Wear for: Interviews

It’s one interview of your life, and it’s just for an internship – no big deal, right? In reality, though, it feels like the most important moment of your life – you nail this and you can handle anything. First and foremost, you need confidence. And where do a lot of us get confidence from? Our outfits, of course. If you feel like you look like the best candidate out there, then odds are you’ll tackle the interview better. One way to feel invincible with your outfit is to incorporate trends (especially if it’s an interview at a fashionable firm). A few trends right now that are prefect for spring interviews are the new color of the year, green, and the return of pastels.

Styled by Polyvore.

Styled by Polyvore.

Take work classics and amp them up with some color. Black pants ($32, warehouse.co.uk) and a white blouse ($20, monki.com) are the perfect back drops for a jewel green blazer ($48, H&M). Add some power pumps ($32, shelikes.com) and stud earrings ($42, Juicy Couture), and you’ll get the best cubicle in the office! For a sweeter look, pair a black shift dress with flair ($46, zalando.co.uk) with polka dot pumps ($27, gojane.com) and cool accessories in pastel colors (watch – $35, sincerelysweetboutique.com). With some mascara and a trendy mani (think bright pastels with an accent nail with “caviar” texture, the new thing) you’ll take over the office in no time!

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