What-to-Wear for: Library Night

It’s only a few weeks into the semester, and you’re already back to the daily grind. Homework, tests, applying to internships, blah, blah, blah… so much to do, so little time to do it in. So how do you stay comfortable while still being cute on your trips to the library? Here’s a fun, cute look to help you stay chic and comfy:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Wear cute, patterned leggings ($21, dorothyperkins.co.uk) with a fun graphic sweatshirt ($25, etsy.com). Add cute booties or these mustache-slippers ($36, boohoo.com) to stay cuddly walking around campus. Throw on an Aztec print backpack ($30, Target) to carry all your things in, and you’re good to go for a night slaving away in the library! Remember, you can look fabulous for any occasion!



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