What to wear for: Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch is a great time to dress up in your girly-est, cutest outfit and pretend you’re someone fancy for a few hours. But how do you take the idea of dressing prettily and modestly into the 21st century? By mixing prints, colors, textures, and adding some fun accessories, you can achieve an elegant look with a more modern-casual twist.

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Take this vintage-inspired skirt (sammydress.com) and pair with a laid back, printed sweater ($23, republic.co.uk) and big wedges ($50, boohoo.com) to modernize the look and make it feel less stiff. Pile on fun bracelets (I like this love bracelet and flower corsage to add both edgy and girly elements) and a neat, geometric earring. Throw on a bolero ($27, dorothyperkins.co.uk) to add a touch of old school glamour, and finish with a bright red flower clutch ($25, chicastic.com) for a punch of color and some dimension. Wherever you wear this outfit, you’ll look chic and ladylike and absolutely fabulous!

3 thoughts on “What to wear for: Sunday Brunch

  1. I love the mix of patterns here. Great outfit!

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