Trending Tuesday: Pack a Punch with Punk

Lately the fashion world has seen a revival in the punk and grunge esthetics. But this isn’t typical punk – it’s “neo-punk.” This is grunge made chic by celebs and models, and punk inspired by the gothic designs of McQueen and simplicity of Alexander Wang. It’s taken literally, yet subdued and refined, until it becomes chic and fashionable. I would say the punk look is one of the coolest and most striking styles of all. When a girl walks in in frayed, gray jeans, a tied up tee, and a plaid button-down thrown on top, she says to the world: I’m cooler than all of you, but I don’t really care. The whole style is about having killer confidence and making something stylish that would typically be considered sloppy. You’d better rally up your chutzpah for this trend, because if you don’t walk confidently with this look, you might as well move on to another one.

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Gray or acid washed jeans are the perfect base to any punk look. Add sneakers – Converse for the old-school punk, or black wedges for the modern punk – and spiky bangles for just the right amount of chic and scary-looking. Pick a graphic tee in neutral colors – if you go for one with words, make sure it says either something cheeky and dark enough, or something trendy and ironic enough. Layer on a plaid flannel in black and white or add some color with a red one. Remember to keep your confidence up with this look so that it comes off as chic, not depressed or sloppy. With the right pouty stare and enough spikes and black, any fabulous girl can tackle the punk look with success!


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