What-to-Wear with: Short-Shorts

It’s getting warmer (at least, that’s we keep telling ourselves here in the Northeast) and more heat means less clothing. So how do you keep cool and get tan without looking like you just stepped out of a Britney Spears video? (One of the old ones, of course.) The key is to keep it casual, so you don’t look like you were trying to look like someone from a Britney Spears video.

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Try some of the new shorts trends: hardcore punk (acid washed, studded, H&M), ombré (if your hair can’t pull it off, maybe your legs can), and floral (who doesn’t want to be covered in flowers in the spring and summer?). Pair punk shorts with a rebellious tee, preferably fringed at the bottom and spiked bangles. Keep things simple with ombré shorts – pull on a neutral sweater for chilly nights by a bonfire, or a simple graphic tee for sunny days. With floral shorts, wear a lace tank for a girly look, or throw people off guard by pairing it the aforementioned rebellious tank. And, my obsession for this summer: bangles. Pile them on high (unless you’re tanning) and colorful. Have fun taking cues from different cultures with your accessories this summer – who said a fabulous poor girl can’t at least look like she went somewhere exotic (and pricey).


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