Trending Tuesday: Skulls Are for Everyone

Remember those days when skulls were only seen in Hot Topic and were only worn by punks and hard rock kids? Well, those days are long gone, thanks in part to McQueen, Gaultier, and other famous designers that helped to usher the punk aesthetic back in high fashion. This is now trickling down to the masses (us fabulous poor people), and it can be oh so chic and tough. I’m really diggin’ channeling the chill rocker girl with a skull t-shirt and spiky accessories. Take this trend out for a spin, and who knows – maybe you’ll find your inner rock diva.

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

Try a skull tank out for starters – I love how it’s still a bit flirt, because it’s a tank, but hardcore and edgy because of the printed skulls. Accessories are probably the best way to ease into the trends if you’re hesitant. Try a budget-friendly take on the McQueen skull scarves, with options available at Asos and TopShop, and others! Throw on my skull-accented bangles and bracelets, rings and necklaces to add a sweet touch of gothic style.

Styled with H&M dressing room.

Styled with H&M dressing room.

Try a few of H&M’s new pieces that have an edgier feel. They have skull-printed high-low skirts and skull emblazoned dresses, and enough punk jewelry to keep any fashionista satisfied. They also have some great scarves with little skull jewels attached at the ends – the perfect, small touch of punk for the fabulous girl with a more girly style.


2 thoughts on “Trending Tuesday: Skulls Are for Everyone

  1. Love skulls! Can’t get enough 🙂

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