What-to-Wear for: Summer Day Trip!

One of my favorite parts about summer is that there is so much more time to just get away. Road trips, day trips, weekend getaways, whatever it is you prefer, it’s always a great experience to just explore a new place with old friends. The biggest downside: so much time in the car. The only reason that’s really a problem is because it’s uncomfortable. Picking just the right outfit that’s cute, ready for any weather, and that you can wear for hours in a cramped space without wanting to take it off is hard. Here are a few staples to incorporate into your ‘getaway’ wardrobe to help make the ride a little bit smoother:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

The t-shirt dress is always a friend. Wear a tight one if you’re confident, a loose one if you’re going to eat/drink a lot, or a maxi one if you’re not that graceful a person. This gray tank dress just yells (irony) “I’m chill!” and a black t-shirt dress is chic without even meaning to be. If you wanted something a bit more formal, try a colored take with some nice ruching. Now it’s time for layering. Step one: throw on a jean vest (bonus points if it’s super faded or acid washed). A cloth green vest thing (I don’t know how to describe the green vest above) is a cool alternative, especially with the gray tank dress. Step two: layer again with a denim jacket or an oversized leather jacket, if you have one. For the more proper yellow dress, I would just layer it with the ultra-casual rain jacket above – I love how cool it’d make the dress look. Next, the shoes. For possibilities of rougher terrain, try combat boots. If you’re going to walk a lot, tie on some sneaks. And if you’re confident that it won’t rain and want to show off your pedicure, wear cute sandals (tip: a t-strap is less likely to dig into your feet and hurt over time than a regular flipflop is). All you need now are some cool summer bangles and a tan fringed backpack – and you’re ready to go, go, go.

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