Want a Free Stylist?

Let me introduce you to this cool little thing I found on the internet the other day: Keaton Row. It’s this handy tool that’s going to change the whole landscape of personal styling. Here’s what it does: You create an account to either get styled or become a personal stylist. If you choose to get styled, you get matched up with a stylist who will talk to you about what you’d like or need. Then you will get a lookbook from your stylist – 5-7 full outfits and a few ‘express boutiques,’ which are just sets with choices of one item (say, jeans) that you really need and are looking for. Then, you choose whether or not you want to buy anything. If you do, your stylist gets a commission on what you buy.

Here’s where it gets personal. I recently signed up to be a stylist for this site. While the brands used for this site so far are great quality, they are not the cheapest. But, hey, why not get some inspiration and maybe score something on sale? You can sign up to get styled by me here: https://keatonrow.com/stylist/madelinest_amour.

What do you all think of this site? Do you think it’s great to give people the option to be their own stylist and boss, or should not everyone have the option to be a stylist? Do you think you’ll join up (use this link: http://keatonrow.com/stylist/signup?ref=51ca78b197c6c10000003ae5) or do you think it’s silly? Hopefully you do sign up, and hopefully I can help you revamp your style 🙂


Trending Tuesday: All that Sparkles isn’t Gold . . .

There’s a trend I’ve spotted that isn’t straight out of a fashion magazine. Browsing through my Bloglovin’ roll and looking at all of the great outfits styled by my favorite bloggers is how I get a lot of my inspiration for mixing things up with my own wardrobe. But there are a few details I keep noticing that I absolutely LOVE and think you might, too.

It’s a little something sparkly that can add a touch of elegance to the basic jeans and a tee combo or to full-out cocktail attire. And all that sparkles isn’t gold . . . it’s crystal.

Ann Taylor Necklace, $55.

Ann Taylor Necklace, $55.

Ann Taylor Bracelet, $55.

Ann Taylor Bracelet, $55.

I’ve been seeing this all over my favorite bloggers, so now I’m bringing it here. And I know that most Fabulous Poor Girls can’t drop $50 on a bracelet, so here are some even more budget-friendly options that are almost as good as the Ann Taylor duds.

_7532866This bib necklace from Nordstrom is 40%, making it a doable $20.

570065586_980This edgier bracelet from White House Black Market is made even better by its price – $15.


Here’s a more affordable bracelet from Ann Taylor – $20.


Super cute and double trend – crystal and mirrored. $5 from Dorothy Perkins.

c5e32edbc7fdd625014cc1abaafbe7abBeen meaning to try out Bauble Bar? Use these cute earrings as an excuse – $22

_7533772Last but not least, I’ll leave you with these beauties from Nordstrom – $8

Sundress Round-Up

The easiest go-to outfit in the summer? Any pretty little sundress! The best part about this is that sundresses come in just about any size, shape, and style – and a huge array of them can be found in the under $50 price point (or even under $25!). Here are a few of my top picks for this summer:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

(From left to right on top):

Hate the super-sweet floral look? Try this edgy and super modern take on the sundress from Topshop (on sale for $40!). Want a super easy boho look? Then this super easy dress from H&M is perfect for you – and your wallet. For those fashionistas that are feeling denim-crazed, this dress from boohoo.com is the answer to how to wear denim in the hot summer months. Another on sale Topshop dress hits just the right line between cute and too-sweet with gray polka dots over bright yellow.

(From left to right on bottom):

Want to embrace your inner old time pin-up but keep the summer vibe? Then this dress from Bonne Chance should do just the trick. For the wistful at heart that want a dress that just flows, boohoo.com makes the perfect match. For a vintage look sans pin-up vibe, go for this yellow number from Vero Moda that looks like T-Swift picked it out herself. And last, but not least, for the little bit of crazy Patricia Field in all of us, there’s this cute little cat dress from Nelly.

This Fabulous Look – for Less!

The 2014 Resort collections are all out and ready to go for millionaires with yachts and vacation getaways in the (sorta) near future. Lucky for us more frugal fashionistas, where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to getting a great look at an even better price.

Carolina Herrera, Resort 2014. Taken from Vogue.com.

Carolina Herrera, Resort 2014. Taken from Vogue.com.

Carolina Herrera’s collection is simply divine (as usual) and has a very simple theme, according to the designer. It’s just prints – that, and clothes that can be worn year-round, for maximum sensibility. The idea is genius and – who are we kidding? – we don’t really need an excuse to want to look like we’re wearing Carolina Herrera, anyways. To get the impeccably chic look for less try these clean, simple pieces, which will (thankfully) be in style forever:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

The first step is simple: white button-down. If you can find one in your price range with a little twist like the high-end version, all the power to ya. I’m content with the $50 J. Crew version, which is named the “perfect stretch-cotton shirt.” Jackpot.

Next, a colorful and ladylike printed skirt. Longer lengths are in, which is both good for your dignity and good for your wallet – throw on a sweater and heeled boots, it works in the fall. Sweater, coat, tights, and boots, and it works in the winter! (You can layer those sweaters over the white shirt for a more professional look, too. Noticing the endless possibilities these pieces bring?) The skirt with the super girly, pink and red flower print is only $31 here. The blue skirt, which to me perfectly encapsulates how Herrera does chic floral prints (but at just the right price point), is only $40 here.

My favorite part: the shoes. There are just so many great strappy sandal options out there right now. Go sexy with neon yellow from Express for $48, modern chic with a red straps from Zara ($50) or Mango ($20), or add a little glitz with this pair for $50.

Finally, top it all off with a statement necklace (if you like – I know Herrera’s presentation didn’t include one, but I think this outfit is just screaming for one). Try something different from Guess – wood and metal bars put together to add a chic accent that’ll be a great conversation starter. Then it’s just some nude nail polish, red lips, and a ’50s cat eye to finish off the perfectly ladylike, forever-chic look – in the perfect price range, too!

The Perfect Denim Jacket

Lately I’ve been craving the essentials in my life more than any trends. There are a few good pieces that every girl should have in her closet . . . but they are so essential that you want to absolute love whatever it is. This usually ends up being a never-ending question for “the perfect _____.” I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and scour the internet for the perfect whatever it is I’m coveting and post some fabulous (for your closet AND your wallet) options here, beginning with my perfect denim jacket.

The biggest problem for me with finding a denim jacket is that I want it to go with everything, but I don’t want it to be normal and boring. It needs a little something unique to it . . .


Like this seemingly average denim jacket from Forever21 for $33 . . .

That has a great tribal print on the back to add a little edge or flair to any basic look.


Or this jacket, also from Forever21 ($30), that has some great fading action going on.

Orrrrr I could go with a crisp bleached version . . .


Calvin Klein, $50


Forever21, $28

Or do I feel like going all out with an utility jacket goes denim look?


Forever21, $35

All the options are laid out on the table now. I just have to decide if any of these even meet my seemingly-impossible standards for the perfect denim jacket. Hopefully I helped someone get a little closer on their quest, and who knows . . . maybe I’ll look back and realize that I’ve finally found the one!