It’s America’s birthday tomorrow, so I put together an outfit in celebration. Every fabulous poor girl loves to dress up for a holiday, but you can’t spend $50 on an outfit that you’ll only wear once a year. So here are a few pieces that will keep you looking patriotic for the big day, but can be worn other times of the year without seeming downright silly (you can even wear the pieces all together again!).

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

A cute tank with a hipster-esque rendition of the American flag is very Fourth of July, but is casual enough to last all summer long. Edgy ripped jean shorts are staples for any fashionista, as are a neat pair of sneakers (preferably Converse) or brown boho sandals. Add some cute bangles (a pack of red and gold can last year round, and is great for the holidays too; bold red, white, and blue might not look right all year, but they work perfectly for any nautical look in the summer) and you’re ready to go! Grab some friends, food, and fireworks, and have a happy fourth!


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