What to wear Series: Sweaty and Chic

This has hardly been the hottest summer of my young life, but it’s hard to avoid the awful, sticky feeling that comes with working out in this humid season.  Because of this, I find myself grabbing whatever pair of shorts and t-shirt is lying around and completely disregarding what I look like. While this is fine for midday on an empty bike path, school is soon resuming, along with that season that shuts us all indoors: winter. So, to gain some more confidence to face the Jersey shore lookalikes and twiggy almost-models at my school’s gym, I’m thinking it’s time for a work out wardrobe update. How’s this for a chic way to get sweaty:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

There are the go-to Nike tops, and while under $30, they’re still a little pricey for something I’m going to grunt and sweat in. So why not stop by Forever21 and other budget-concious stores for cheeky graphic tees to add some much needed humor to your work out routine? Bonus points for shirts with ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ on it – you break those stereotypes, girl. Cool neon shorts, leggings, or baggy sweats for extra cold/lazy days finish off the perfect formula for being sweaty and chic.


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