The Liebster Award

The biggest thank you to Danica over at the blog styledsweetly for nominating FPG for the LIebster Award! If you aren’t following her blog, I suggest you do so now… it’s perfect for a dose of cuteness and some great fashion inspiration. 

The Liebster Award is for blogs with 200 followers or less. It requires you to share a bit more about yourself and recognize some of your other favorite beginner blogs. So here are a few random facts about me: 

1. I go to school in NYC, and while I’m racking up a lot of student loans (though not as much as some), I don’t think I’d change a thing – the opportunities, the people, the bright lights! Be still my heart! 

2. I changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my life about 4 times this past year.

3. I’ve finally settled on entrepreneurship (I want to start my own magazine) and writing.

4. I’ve never been on a plane… though this year I might take my first flight – internationally!

5. Since realizing my calling, I’ve ordered subscriptions to 3 magazines: Harper’s (forever my favorite), Elle, and Marie Claire.

6. I sometimes eat Tostito’s chips like they’re my crack.

7. I tore both my ACLs within two years.

8. I went to a Catholic high school, although I’m Protestant, but I met my bestie there so I don’t regret not going to public school.

9. I listen to movie soundtracks to fall asleep… composers like Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat, Nicholas Hooper.

10. Chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination of anything ever.

11. I slept in until 4pm once this summer. I don’t even know how I managed that one.

Here are ten answers for the ten questions styledsweetly gave me: 

1. What do you see for the future of your blog?

I hope to inspire people to embrace their own personal style and try out trends, without thinking of their budget as a restraint. I really look up to the blog that Shauna Miller founded… if I can help make one person’s wardrobe better without breaking the bank, I’m happy.

2. Why did you decide to do a blog?

I would love to write for a magazine someday, so I started a blog to practice fashion writing, and as a creative outlet. Also, I saw a lot of great blogs but they usually featured items that aren’t that accessible to the masses, so I wanted to do something for people that actually have a budget.

3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Sometimes, I just don’t want to write a post. But once I sit down and get going, everything just flows. I guess I love that process where my ideas and words just come out smoothly.

4. What do you do for work?

In the summer – I waitress. School year – work study at school. I also have a virtual internship this summer and an editorial internship lined up in NYC in the fall.

5. What is your favorite thing about fashion?

How it’s complete expression of self and the world around you. It’s like a huge art show that everyone in the world can partake in.

7. What is your favorite fashion piece?

High fashion? Any McQueen, or Celine bags. Accessible fashion? My new purse from Call it Spring.

8. What is your favorite blog?

I follow a LOT of blogs, both on here and bloglovin’.. I’d have to say B. Jones Style, because of the What Would Carrie Wear? posts and how she actually just has fun with fashion.

9. What do you want to do with your life?

Ultimately – start my own women’s magazine, but with a twist.

10. What is your favorite quote?

“Never give up hope. Because when you give up hope, you give up everything.” 

Now (drumroll, please) for my nominees: 

1. Veloria in Velvet: What can I say? This girl has great style. I love her unique way of dressing and wish I knew how to layer like she does, too. Great for inspiration, and for good finds!

2. Knocked Up Fabulous: What’s better than a woman saying no sweatpants and yes to looking (and feeling) fabulous? How about a mother with two kids? Great looks, especially if you need some pregnancy fashion advice, and great inspiration to keep up being fabulous – no matter what the circumstances!

3. Unicorn Stylings: This fashion-forward blog makes me wish I lived on the West Coast. Love looking at the cute outfits for inspiration!

4: StyledSweetly: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter mommy-baby duo. Whether you’re a college student that isn’t going to think about kids until age 30, or a mother yourself, this dose of cuteness is worth a follow.

5: My Fabulous Frugal Life: One of the sweetest bloggers, this girl knows how to make a budget work! Follow if you like learning about great steals for clothes, cooking, and wine (and if you don’t, then maybe go see a doctor).

That’s all! I love this little award for the smaller blog community, and I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me 🙂 


2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. You write so well! Do we have a love for Reese’s Peanut butter cupsin common too?! I will be your first and VIP magazine subscriber! Thank you for the nomination!

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