Fabulous Friday

My best piece of advice: If you are ever unsure or afraid to do something, put on your big girl pants, slap on a smile, and just go do it!

Last night I was so nervous that I almost didn’t go. But I said to myself, “Honey, you’ve been through a lot of hard things. You’re competent. You can handle this one little opportunity that could give you so much more.” So I went. And it was great.

It was a little event near Times Square in a boutique called “Angelique Bridal.” The designer Sarah Jassir was there (she used to work for Valentino and Vera Wang – AH!) and I met a lot of great people. It was a very little thing, the first event in their new store, and they plan to have something every month. A celebrity makeup artist was there to do a demo and talk to brides about bridal makeup. It was small and easy work, and there wasn’t anyone super famous, but it was a great experience all the same. Everyone was so nice, and I know that I was really lucky to have this be my first experience at a fashion event. I had a lot of my questions answered, got to see how the business really worked, and they even said they’d be contacting the volunteers in the future for more help. The girls I worked with were around my age and all were very nervous at first, too. But we all got along well, and it was fun to talk to girls with similar interests trying to make it in the big City.

The night was inspirational as well. I was proud of myself for going out on a limb and taking a risk. We were told what to do by the man that does Jassir’s PR and sales, and I learned a lot about where to find opportunities from him, and I also was inspired by him to work hard and reach my goals, like he had.

This was by no means a BIG thing (I mean, I didn’t volunteer for McQueen at NY Fashion Week or anything), but it was a wonderful starting point and an exciting night. So, I urge you, take that risk, step out on that limb, and run towards your dreams – don’t be afraid to be fabulous!


Let’s Get Serious

When thinking about what we want to do with our lives, I think we tend to create a dream that fits reality. By this I mean that we tell ourselves, ‘oh, that job will┬ábe fun AND pay the bills!’ when, twenty years down the line, it’s really no fun and just paying the bills.

So why don’t we try to make a reality to fit our dreams? Because it’s harder, scarier, and completely unsure.

My dream is fashion. Anything involving it. Writing for Harper’s Bazaar, designing for Alexander McQueen, styling movie stars, or heading my own brand – I’d love to do it all. If I had any choice in the matter, my life would be consumed by it. And for the most part, it is. For Christmas I got my first high-fashion, overpriced book that most would think is a ridiculous item to cherish as much as I do. But I love all things McQueen and reading how he was as a person and a designer, and seeing all of the behind-the-scenes beautiful, horrible truth.

So I’m going to get serious. I’m going to break the blog up into segments, with different kinds of posts on different days, and hopefully post more often. There’s a tumblr attached to the blog for inspirational, crazy fashion photos, and I’m going to make a twitter and maybe even a Facebook for it, now that I have my handy-dandy iPhone. I’m going to brand myself and try to put out the best possible product that I can.

Whether or not my dreams in fashion come true, I’ll always have my passion for it, and this blog has proven to be a wonderful outlet. Thanks to everyone following now, I hope you enjoy!