Want a Free Stylist?

Let me introduce you to this cool little thing I found on the internet the other day: Keaton Row. It’s this handy tool that’s going to change the whole landscape of personal styling. Here’s what it does: You create an account to either get styled or become a personal stylist. If you choose to get styled, you get matched up with a stylist who will talk to you about what you’d like or need. Then you will get a lookbook from your stylist – 5-7 full outfits and a few ‘express boutiques,’ which are just sets with choices of one item (say, jeans) that you really need and are looking for. Then, you choose whether or not you want to buy anything. If you do, your stylist gets a commission on what you buy.

Here’s where it gets personal. I recently signed up to be a stylist for this site. While the brands used for this site so far are great quality, they are not the cheapest. But, hey, why not get some inspiration and maybe score something on sale? You can sign up to get styled by me here: https://keatonrow.com/stylist/madelinest_amour.

What do you all think of this site? Do you think it’s great to give people the option to be their own stylist and boss, or should not everyone have the option to be a stylist? Do you think you’ll join up (use this link: http://keatonrow.com/stylist/signup?ref=51ca78b197c6c10000003ae5) or do you think it’s silly? Hopefully you do sign up, and hopefully I can help you revamp your style 🙂