This Fabulous Look – for Less!

The 2014 Resort collections are all out and ready to go for millionaires with yachts and vacation getaways in the (sorta) near future. Lucky for us more frugal fashionistas, where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to getting a great look at an even better price.

Carolina Herrera, Resort 2014. Taken from

Carolina Herrera, Resort 2014. Taken from

Carolina Herrera’s collection is simply divine (as usual) and has a very simple theme, according to the designer. It’s just prints – that, and clothes that can be worn year-round, for maximum sensibility. The idea is genius and – who are we kidding? – we don’t really need an excuse to want to look like we’re wearing Carolina Herrera, anyways. To get the impeccably chic look for less try these clean, simple pieces, which will (thankfully) be in style forever:

Styled with Polyvore.

Styled with Polyvore.

The first step is simple: white button-down. If you can find one in your price range with a little twist like the high-end version, all the power to ya. I’m content with the $50 J. Crew version, which is named the “perfect stretch-cotton shirt.” Jackpot.

Next, a colorful and ladylike printed skirt. Longer lengths are in, which is both good for your dignity and good for your wallet – throw on a sweater and heeled boots, it works in the fall. Sweater, coat, tights, and boots, and it works in the winter! (You can layer those sweaters over the white shirt for a more professional look, too. Noticing the endless possibilities these pieces bring?) The skirt with the super girly, pink and red flower print is only $31 here. The blue skirt, which to me perfectly encapsulates how Herrera does chic floral prints (but at just the right price point), is only $40 here.

My favorite part: the shoes. There are just so many great strappy sandal options out there right now. Go sexy with neon yellow from Express for $48, modern chic with a red straps from Zara ($50) or Mango ($20), or add a little glitz with this pair for $50.

Finally, top it all off with a statement necklace (if you like – I know Herrera’s presentation didn’t include one, but I think this outfit is just screaming for one). Try something different from Guess – wood and metal bars put together to add a chic accent that’ll be a great conversation starter. Then it’s just some nude nail polish, red lips, and a ’50s cat eye to finish off the perfectly ladylike, forever-chic look – in the perfect price range, too!

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