The Perfect Denim Jacket

Lately I’ve been craving the essentials in my life more than any trends. There are a few good pieces that every girl should have in her closet . . . but they are so essential that you want to absolute love whatever it is. This usually ends up being a never-ending question for “the perfect _____.” I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and scour the internet for the perfect whatever it is I’m coveting and post some fabulous (for your closet AND your wallet) options here, beginning with my perfect denim jacket.

The biggest problem for me with finding a denim jacket is that I want it to go with everything, but I don’t want it to be normal and boring. It needs a little something unique to it . . .


Like this seemingly average denim jacket from Forever21 for $33 . . .

That has a great tribal print on the back to add a little edge or flair to any basic look.


Or this jacket, also from Forever21 ($30), that has some great fading action going on.

Orrrrr I could go with a crisp bleached version . . .


Calvin Klein, $50


Forever21, $28

Or do I feel like going all out with an utility jacket goes denim look?


Forever21, $35

All the options are laid out on the table now. I just have to decide if any of these even meet my seemingly-impossible standards for the perfect denim jacket. Hopefully I helped someone get a little closer on their quest, and who knows . . . maybe I’ll look back and realize that I’ve finally found the one!

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